We are Blue21, starting a Blue Revolution

How? By realizing floating cities with a positive impact on the planet. Because we believe that this way we can solve the biggest challenges of the 21st century: land scarcity, climate change, urban growth, and deforestation.


We know it’s possible

But we can’t do this alone. That’s why we are a social enterprise and collaboration platform.
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Together we can start the Blue Revolution of the 21st century.

What's New

Rotterdam accomodating GCECA in a floating office!

Great news for the future development of international, sustainable climate resilience: The Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) […]

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How Cities Will Save the Rainforest With Floating Production!

We’re pleased to share the Seasteading Institute(TSI)’s Guest Blog article written by Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther. Rutger is the co-founder of […]

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MARIN tests first floating mega island

Image source: MARIN In co-operation with Blue21, MARIN has carried out some impressive tests last week! Please read MARIN’s press […]

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'Floating cities likely to become reality in 5 years' - interview Blue21 at BNR Nieuwsradio

On June 20th, BNR Nieuwsradio Eyeopeners broadcast an interview with Bas Buchner, Director of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), and […]

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