We are Blue21, starting a Blue Revolution

How? By realizing floating cities with a positive impact on the planet. Because we believe that this way we can solve the biggest challenges of the 21st century: land scarcity, climate change, urban growth, and deforestation.


We know it’s possible

But we can’t do this alone. That’s why we are a social enterprise and collaboration platform.
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Together we can start the Blue Revolution of the 21st century.

What's New

The Floating Island Project: Building Beyond Sustainability

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia from Blue Frontiers has joined our team during two and a half weeks and wrote an amazing article […]

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Blue21 keynote speaker at MARIN 'The Floating Future' Seminar

On Wednesday, March 7th, Karina Czapiewska will represent Blue21 during the MARIN seminar on ‘The Floating Future’ where she will […]

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Netherlands: Newly created consortium to develop floating PV

Emiliano Bellini from PV Magazine has published the following article on our INNOZOWA consortium: The consortium, which has received funding […]

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Our vision for 2018

Please read the latest blog of our Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther on his LinkedIn-account: the oceans as solution space for […]

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