Working on 21st century challenges at Blue Forum

Blue21 co-founder, Karina Czapiewska was invited to give a presentation about Blue Revolution at the Blue Week Event held by the Blue Forum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 28th of May.  In the presentation, Karina introduced 21st century urban challenges that we are facing all over the world and gave figures on the landmass that we will need in the future to meet the energy and food demand of the growing population. She then introduced how floating development has the potentials to reach these demands while contributing to ecological benefits and human well-fare. A number of realised and on-going floating projects that are being carried out by Blu21 have also been presented, demonstrating the global interests and market for sustainable development on water. In addition to two other colleagues from Blue21 who also joined the event, Clarissa Sander and Fen-Yu (Vicky) Lin, one of the co-founders from Blue Frontiers, Egor Ryjikov, was also present to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and experts from the offshore marine industry.

Floating development in the North Sea?

The co-founder of the innovative companies, Blue21, DeltaSync and Indymo, Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther, gave a presentation about Blue Revolution in the annual symposium organised by Het Waterbouwdispuut at his alma mater, Delft University of Technology, on May 24th. The theme of the symposium for this year is “North Sea Power.” Guest speakers gave presentations in terms of challenges and possibilities of building in the North Sea, including offshore energy, ecological restoration and floating cities. Rutger introduced how floating development could be viewed as a transition management strategy to tackle energy, food and space demands. He gave examples that can help close nutrients cycles in coastal cities such as algae-based floating development, and stressed how illustrated knowledge exchange and cooperation from different fields can result in an integrated solution for large-scale global problems such as climate change and urbanisation. For more information about the event, see:

(Photo credit: Het Waterbouwdispuut from TU Delft)

Blue21 hosts workshop at Symposium “Which Future?! Rethinking State” in Berlin

Sunday 22 April Blue21 will host a workshop on floating cities as part of the Two Day Symposium “Which Future?! Rethinking State” organized by the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. During the symposium questions will be explored such as: Do we want full employment or full automation? Do we need an unconditional basic income? Do we want the state to be more or less involved in our lives?

During this two-day event, members of the public will be able to participate in workshops to develop scenarios for a future state and ways of working. Rutger de Graaf, co-founder of Blue21 will explore in a workshop how floating cities can be an experimentation environment for new technologies and new types of government. Another workshop will be hosted by our partner Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute. For more information check:

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