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Working at Blue21

We are not just your average company. Working with us means working at a highly innovative research based company and a leading international knowledge center on floating urbanization. We work together with ambassadors and experts in all kinds of fields. Also, we are a social enterprise: we think it is vital to provide all our employees and interns with the opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth.


Offshore developer for floating cities: Structural or Maritime Engineer

Are you an engineer with a love for the marine environment and looking forward to make history in a unique field of expertise? Then this might be the job for you!

Join us in our mission to develop floating projects, which we believe will play a role in solving some of the major challenges of today, including sea level rise and global land scarcity.

Our company has been an international leader in floating urban development for the past 10 years. Our focus is shifting towards development of floating structures in marine conditions: from more sustainable coastal city expansions to autonomous floating islands.

Are you ready to take a lead, applying your profound engineering expertise for designing, developing, constructing, installing and inspecting floating structures? Can you digest large amounts of information and make the right decisions, in balance with the financial and design requirements? Then we would love to hear from you!


  • Participating in both commercial physical floating projects and long-term research and development.
  • Enhancing maritime and structural engineering in all project phases, from early conception to realization.
  • Being comfortable in working on different scale levels (product, building and urban).
  • Joining our interdisciplinary and visionary team and interacting with a large variety stakeholders (internal and external).
  • Contribute to the knowledge base on floating technology.


  • Reporting to specialists and non-specialists, on time and concise
  • Preparing projects for the development phase by executing engineering feasibility studies.
  • Translate research findings to appropriate and practical construction, manufacturing and production process
  • Set-up and grow the maritime division within the company
  • Be able to run projects both in teams or independently
  • Key responsible for collaboration and communication on maritime themes with research institutes and universities.
  • Be in charge of all marine related topics within the company: calculations of stability, analyzing wind and wave data, translating data into usable design requirements, connections calculations and technical design, static/dynamic analysis of floating structures for different purposes.
  • Contribute to the knowledge base on floating development

Skills and competencies:

  • Master or PhD degree in engineering, preferably with a maritime background or experience
  • >3 years working experience
  • Motivated to contribute to the Blue Revolution – floating development vision
  • High proficiency in English, French or Spanish is a surplus
  • High quality reporting skills (in English, and preferably also Dutch)
  • Experience with (hydro-) static and dynamic modelling (e.g. CFD, FEM, near-shore wave modelling)


Location: Delft, the Netherlands
Category: Engineering, R&D
Job occupancy: 0,8 – 1 fte
Degree: Master’s degree
Part-time home office possible



Are you a student and are you looking for an internship at an innovative company? Look no further! Blue21 is currently looking for:

  • An architectural intern specialized in sustainability and/or water with good rendering skills and an expert in visualisations and 3D design
  • Engineering interns (maritime/electrical/civil) with a backround in sustainable energy and/or water management who would like to take part in innovative projects
  • A computer science intern with experience in building Javascript-based controls, web-forms and database interactions, but is also an expert on WordPress websites

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Send us an e-mail to [email protected] (put the words “Internship at Blue21” in the subject line).
  2. Tell us something about yourself, what you are studying, etc.
  3. Attach your resume and/or portfolio.
  4. And – most important of all – answer the following question: how do you think you can contribute to the Blue Revolution?

That’s it, we hope to hear from you soon!

Other ways

In order to accelerate the Blue Revolution we need all hands on deck. Join us or become a member of our expert network and share your ideas, knowledge or research insights.