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We design, research and realize floating projects in delta cities world-wide. Our belief is that we must shift from sustaining our planet to restoring it. Floating development can make cities more resilient, creates space for new eco-systems and enables bio-based economies to flourish.


Do you see the potential of floating for your company, city, or municipality but don’t know where to start?




What's New

Blue21 speaks at Fly Seaport

On the 20th of June, Dr.  Ir.  Jan van Kessel, senior engineer in Floating City Development at Blue21, will speak […]

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“Floating Cities Are No Longer Science Fiction”- Part 2

This is the speaker note from the second half of the presentation given by Jan van Kessel (Senior Engineer at […]

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"Floating Cities Are No Longer Science Fiction"- Part 1

At the symposium “Looking back from 2050” on 19th of February, 2019, Jan van Kessel (Senior Engineer at Blue21) spoke […]

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Present at World Conference on Floating Solutions 2019 in Singapore

On the 23rd of April, co-founder of Blue21, Karina Czapiewska, will give a presentation on “Potential of Floating Urban Development […]

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