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We design, research and realize floating projects in delta cities world-wide. Our belief is that we must shift from sustaining our planet to restoring it. Floating development can make cities more resilient, creates space for new eco-systems and enables bio-based economies to flourish.


Do you see the potential of floating for your company, city, or municipality but don’t know where to start?




What's New

Blue21 presenting at symposium: "2050 Looking Back" in Rotterdam

Have you ever wondered what our world would look like in 2050? Where and how would we live in the […]

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Built artificial islands to take off

This autumn Blue21 was featured in Le Monde. The article elaborates on seasteading and [email protected], quoting Blue21’s architect and CEO Bart Roeffen: “We […]

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Floating Schiphol is good for everyone, even the fish

Schiphol at sea is slowly but surely coming into the picture again as a future perspective for aviation.

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Check out the Sea Sights Festival

This festival offers a peek into the future of cities at sea. From 19th to 21st of October on and […]

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