Former President of French Polynesia meets Blue21 in Rotterdam

In light of recent news that French Polynesia will likely host the first floating islands with special governing framework, former French Polynesian president, and current Mayor of Faa’a (a city on the island of Tahiti), Mr. Oscar Temaru visited the Netherlands to meet with Blue21, a collaborator of The Seasteading Institute on the French Polynesia floating island project, which has gained extensive international attention. During this first face-to-face meeting, both parties expressed hopes, concerns and expectations regarding the floating development in French Polynesia.

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Law of the Sea not equipped for climate change refugees

By Dr. Francesca Galea, International maritime lawyer
Sea level rise is threatening low lying islands around the world, but even more is at stake than the landmass they live on. Current international treaties do not recognise these threatening realities and offer no means of security to the livelihood of mankind in the face of changes that are already underway.
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