HydroMec+ makes your floating project financially and technically feasible

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Welcome to Blue21, where we proudly present HydroMEC+, the world’s first comprehensive toolkit for maritime engineering and 3D simulation designed specifically for floating urban projects.

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Empowering Architects

Developers and Cities to build Safe Floating Communities

HydroMEC+ transcends traditional engineering boundaries by integrating
advanced 3D modeling from architecture and maritime engineering.

Our Vision

By 2050, over one billion people will live on water.


Empowering Floating Communities

HydroMEC+ transcends traditional engineering boundaries by integrating advanced 3D modeling from architecture and maritime engineering. As urban populations grow, it becomes critical to address the needs for creating more climate-resilient housing and infrastructure on the water. 

Cost Competitive Simulations

HydroMEC+ offers unparalleled insights into the stresses, forces, and bending moments affecting floating structures at the location of your floating project(s). Our toolkit analyzes and delivers accurate data quickly, saving time and money while ensuring the creation of safe and comfortable living and working spaces. It is not only about efficiency, but also creating built-environment that can nurture and protect. 

Safety and Comfort​

The safety and comfort of people living in floating structures are our top priorities. HydroMEC+ seamlessly combines architectural modeling with maritime engineering 3D models, offering insights into stability and creating environments where people can thrive. Whether designing spaces for families, recreation, or nature, HydroMEC+ ensures that your project meets the highest standards of quality and performance. 

HydroMEC+ is more than just a toolkit; it’s a transformative solution package empowering architects, engineers, project developers, and urban planners to create resilient, safe and vibrant communities on water. 

"Unlock water's sustainable potential."

Main Benefits

HydroMEC+ provides a comprehensive suite of features that benefits maritime engineering and floating urban projects.

Blue-21 main benefits
A holistic approach that integrates architectural models, functional requirements, and environmental conditions.
Specialized capabilities for offshore and urban applications, from houses to buildings. Analyzing and optimizing structural performance in maritime conditions.
Detailed reports and video animations with Blue21’s analysis and advice to empower and inform decision-making.

Efficiency Redefined : Time, Material, and Cost Saving

HydroMEC+ enables our clients to build enriching spaces by providing numerous design options and engineering solutions. Our software facilitates comprehensive analysis, enabling the exploration of multiple scenarios, module configurations and designs to eventually find the optimal solution for you. This iterative process saves time, materials, and money, ensuring projects to be efficient and resilient in maritime conditions.  

Time Saving

Our engineers using HydroMEC+ will reduce engineering hours by at least 70%. Using our team in this way means direct decrease in total project time.

Material Saving

Leading to significant material savings and reduced waste. By optimizing the engineering process, we ensure that resources are used more effectively, contributing to both cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Cost Saving

Engineering time saved + Material costs saved, and having simulated your design before water basin testing or building, means a significant cost reduction for your floating project.

Shaping the Future Together

The way how Blue21 team uses HydroMEC+ to support our consultancy to you means that you get the advice on the platform design that meets your project needs, at the lowest investment in materials and labour. This represents a clear financial advantage, as the investment in our services is outweighed by the significant cost savings achieved through the implementation of our results.  

Having your vision analyzsed and engineered by us, means you have the tools to convince all stakeholders of the value of your ideas.   HydroMEC+ is the result of over 15,000 hours of research, development, and refinement. It embodies our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Having Blue21 employ this tool to validate your vision ensures trust and confidence from all parties involved. Leverage Blue21’s HydroMec+ to shape the future on water together.   Discover how HydroMEC+ can revolutionize your projects. Contact us today for more information, or fill out the form below for specific tasks which you would like us to undertake.  

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