Blue21 co-organizes Barranquilla Climathon: Sustainability and Innovative Uses of Water Bodies

Organized by Blue21 and Seaphia together with the support of the non-profit organization, Startup Societies Foundation and SENA. The Barranquilla climathon will focus on generating sustainable solutions for water resources of Barranquilla and the Atlantic (river, swamp and sea).

The event seeks to be a first step to promote sustainable innovations and ventures on blue economy issues, especially those that can give way to solving problems in the city and the department. The topics covered include blue energies, navigability of the river, deep sea port, ecosystem restoration, solid waste recycling, and sustainable and competitive tourism.

The Climathon is a global event that happens in 56 cities around the world simultaneously! It’s a meeting space for entrepreneurs, students, large companies, small companies, NGOs, the city, and anyone interested in a greener future to ideate solutions for a greener local economy.

To register for the event please visit:

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