Blue21 presents at KIVI symposium: Floating Cities are no longer Science Fiction

Jan Van Kessel presents at KIVI Engineering Society Symposium ‘Looking back from 2050’ on the topic: Floating Cities are no longer Science Fiction

The symposium ‘Looking back from 2050’ was focused on the solutions that maritime industries can provide to the challenges of 2050; a world where 11 billion people are walking this planet with a dramatic scarcity in energy, transport, food production, and living space.

During the presentation, Jan eloquently showcased the possibilities of how floating cities of the future could look. As stated by Jan, “At Blue21 we are making the first steps towards life at sea. But for that, we need your help. In 2050, which is not that far from now, the growing world population will put more pressure on land… We have discovered the tipping point is 2050, which is only 30 years from now. There is still a lot of work to do. Our future is on water.”

You can view the summary of the presentation below or read the full speaker notes, part 1 & part 2.


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