🏗 We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our prototype’s construction!

Blue21 team, with over 16 years of expertise in realizing floating projects, has developed Bluelands‚ÄĒa solution designed for mass-producing floating platforms that provide safe, sustainable spaces on water for housing, energy production, and food cultivation. Our lightweighted platform is a game-changer, enabling scalable and modular construction on water, from individual homes to entire floating neighborhoods.

🚀 The recent construction of our prototype, at¬†The Green Village, marked a major milestone in our journey. It demonstrates the platforms‚Äô feasibility and adaptability to its environment. The construction phase was completed by¬†GKB Groep¬†at an impressive speed, within just 5 days, a testament to the easy assembly of our design.

🎉 Yesterday,¬†Anna Louka, the project leader of Bluelands, presented the final result of our floating platform to the¬†Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland,¬†The Green Village, and¬†Jelle Vedder, our valued supporters and partners in this endeavor.

📽 The video footage reveals the platform’s stability in real-world conditions, with people standing atop it, experiencing the unique sensation of living on water. Simultaneously,¬†Rui Pedroso de Lima¬†from¬†INDYMO¬†utilizing their underwater drone, monitors water quality to ensure that our system is sustainable and harmoniously coexisting with its natural environment.

🏡 Now, we eagerly anticipate the second construction phase, where a lightweight building will be placed atop the platform, adding new functions for people and students to use.

Stay tuned for the final result and witness how we help shaping a flood-proof and resilient living environment! 🌊 🏙 🌟

Bart Roeffen,¬†Karina Czapiewska,¬†Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther,¬†Barbara Dal Bo Zanon,¬†Fen-Yu (Vicky) Lin,¬†Rui Gomes,¬†Lindert van Tongeren,¬†Roeland de Bruijn,¬†Nuno Holt,¬†Floor Pino,¬†Tim Jonathan,¬†Arie Boele,¬†Nick van der Marel,¬†VPdelta+,¬†OPPY International (2POINTS),¬†TU Delft Campus, and cedits to Rob√®rt Kroonen📷