Hong Kong Institution of Engineers visits Floating Pavilion

Earlier this year a delegation from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Young Member Committee visited the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam. The visit was part of a trip to the Netherlands which offered participants the opportunity to explore the various Dutch hydraulic engineering works that protect our country. At the Floating Pavilion a presentation was given on our Blue Revolution vision.

RDC welcomes Rockefeller foundation

In the last month Blue21 has been in contact with the Rockefeller foundation. Arranged by the RDC (Rotterdam Centre for Resilient Delta Cities) and the municipality, the members of RDC were invited to give a short presentation on what Dutch companies can contribute on increasing resilience of cities world-wide. During this presentation, two representatives of the Rockefeller foundation, Arnoud Molenaar (Chief Resillence Officer of Rotterdam) and Jose Baptista (Vice President For Platform Service Operations), were present.

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