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Our experts have a strong academic background (MSc/PhD) and have graduated from world-leading universities.

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An interdisciplinary team for a holistic project perspective

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With simulations and by leveraging scientific data, we ensure optimal results for our clients.

Expert Opinion

You have developed your first ideas for a floating project? And you want to know from our experts if they make sense? Having our expert opinion helps to mitigate risks and boost confidence for your project development. We help to review the work done by your team from a bird’s eye perspective, giving our expert opinion and advice on the next steps to take. We have knowledge and experience in the technical assessment of various engineering aspects, to be able to provide a quick scan on the feasibility and viability of a proposed floating solution. Safety, level of comfort, environmental impact and a feasible business case are important considerations in every floating project., We will provide you with a first idea of potential risks, challenges and innovative solutions for your floating project. By offering expert opinions, Blue21 demonstrates its commitment to providing clients with reliable guidance and informed recommendations in the field of floating solutions.

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The Expert Opinion will be written in English and submitted in PDF.

The Expert Opinion can be used as a vote of confidence after your inhouse team has come up with the first ideas and solutions. It can also be used as a gateway into design and engineering by Blue21, in which case it allows us to focus on filling in the gaps.

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Blue21's Expert Opinion


€ 4,99,5

Investments of an Expert Opinion are starting from €4,995. Based on the complexity of your project the price may increase.

Our Expert Team

The Blue21 team is a globally leading engineering firm with unique know-how in floating infrastructure, marine engineering, sustainability, and related fields of expertise. Our knowledge includes aspects such as: wave loads, structural dynamics and stability, mooring systems, platform connections, environmental impact, floating platform technology, platform manufacturing, design optimization and building logistics.

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