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Feasibility Study

Because floating developments are relatively new, and require substantial investment, financiers might require proof to move ahead into the next phase. How to get to that proof? How to weigh risk versus benefits of the project? What adjustments, if any,  would create a higher chance of success?

A feasibility study assesses the viability and potential success of a proposed project or venture. It is a subsequent step after a location scan, a floating system, the design in a 3D model (incl. weight distribution) have been completed. There are several types of feasibility studies which our team can perform, e.g. technical, financial, market or legal feasibility studies. Depending on your choice of feasibility study and the number of studies needed, a customised quote will be provided.

  • Technical feasibility evaluates the engineering and technological performance of the proposed system. 
  • Financial feasibility examines the estimated costs, including equipment, labour, materials, and operational expenses and expected revenues, to determine if the project is economically feasible and can generate sufficient return on investment.
  • The market feasibility analysis helps gauge the potential demand for the project’s end product or service, determining if there is a viable market and if the project has the potential for commercial success.
  • Legal feasibility study evaluates the regulatory requirements and constraints associated with the project. 

The outcome of a feasibility study helps make informed decisions regarding project initiation, resource allocation, and risk management. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential challenges, allowing for adjustments or course corrections before substantial investments are made.

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Feasibility Study

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The outcome of the feasibility study is a report, zooming in on the main risks and ways to mitigate these. The Feasibility Study is one of the last steps in the Initiative Phase. The other one being Investment Proposal. Based on the results of this study we can move forward to detailed design and/or engineering in the next phases.


Blue21's Feasibility Study



Investments of a Feasibility Study are starting from €15,995. Based on the complexity of your project the price may increase.

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The Blue21 team is a globally leading engineering firm with unique know-how in floating infrastructure, marine engineering, sustainability, and related fields of expertise. Our knowledge includes aspects such as: wave loads, structural dynamics and stability, mooring systems, platform connections, environmental impact, floating platform technology, platform manufacturing, design optimization and building logistics.

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