Blue21 floating pavilion is moving

Blue21 floating pavilion is moving to a new location


The Floating Pavilion in Rijnhaven was moved to the Schiehaven last week, one stop before its final destination, the Dokhaven at RDM Campus.

The Floating Pavilion initiated by Blue21 has been installed in Rijnhaven since 2010. Last week, it was moved to the neighboring Schiehaven, before being towed to its final destination at RDM Campus.

This sustainable building has been an icon in the city of Rotterdam, demonstrating climate resilience and flexibility of floating urban developments. During the past 11 years, the pavilion has provided inspiration for many and fostered a new “floating” culture in Rijhaven.

The move of the Floating Pavilion was recorded and available here, enjoy watching.

More info: article published by Resilient Rotterdam (in Dutch).