Blue21 interviewed by Dutch Vastgoedmarkt

Blue21 director Karina Czapiewska interviewed by Dutch Vastgoedmarkt

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“Building on the water helps solve the housing shortage” said Blue21 director Karina Czapiewska, interviewed by Dutch Vastgoedmarkt (EN: Real Estate Market).

Karina Czapiewska, co-founder and director of Blue21, explores the possibilities of building on water. She was one of the initiators of the Floating Pavilion in the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. And now she works mainly on large projects in the field of floating urbanization.

Back in the day, Karina Czapiewska already had an affinity for buildings and an interest in water was always there too. ‘In the Netherlands you see water all around you, sometimes in impossible places. We lived in the polder and when you walked on the dike, all the houses were much lower than the canal. That appealed to my imagination: what if you didn’t have these dikes? During my studies I was able to link these two things to living on the water. Not just a house, but really a whole city.’

Read the full interview article here (in Dutch) and learn about opportunities ‘on water’ for the Dutch real estate sector.

Image source: Vastgoedmarkt