Blue21 involved in the £1.7 billion Blue Eden project for Swansea

Blue Eden project for Swansea: Blue21 involved in the £1.7 billion


Blue21 is now officially involved in the ground-breaking project, Blue Eden, for Swansea. A project led by Bridgend’s DST Innovations and supported by Swansea Council and Associated British Ports.

The promising Blue Eden project led by DST Innovations has the mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by delivering environments at work in harmony with nature and nurture innovation.

Blue Eden aims to transform Swansea’s waterfront with sustainable land-based and floating urban development, introducing a newly designed tidal lagoon that features the state-of-the-art underwater turbines generating 320 megawatts of renewable energy.

A series of floating development will also be developed, including a 72,000 square metre of floating solar array anchored in the Queen’s dock area, 150 floating eco homes and 2 floating pavilions.

The cofounder and managing director of of Blue21, Dr. Rutger de Graaf, said: “The Blue Eden project is a unique combination of addressing the root causes of climate change by generating renewable energy, and adapting to climate change impacts by implementing floating structures. At Blue21 we are excited to be involved as design and technology partner for all the floating parts of this project. We think that the unpresented scale and ambition of this sustainable project will set an example for coastal areas all over the world

Learn more about the Blue Eden project here.

Photo source: DST Innovations