Blue21 presents at Fly Seaport

Floating Airport: Blue21 presents at Fly Seaport


On the 20th of June, Dr.  Ir.  Jan van Kessel, senior engineer in Floating City Development at Blue21, will speak at Fly Seaport, and explain why a Floating Airport is the best solution for the expansion of Schiphol International Airport.

As a vital hub in international aviation, Schiphol Airport has offered excellent accessibility to business people and tourists over the years, steadily benefiting the employment and economic growth of the Netherlands. However, it is predicted that the number of air travellers will continue to grow in the near future. In order to maintain Schiphol’s current “hub position”, the airport will have to increase its capacity to cater for the needs of travellers. In addition to improving service systems inside the airport, infrastructure surrounding the airport such as stations, parking spaces and roads must also be enlarged. For this to happen, space is needed, but where to find the space? How about space on water?

Recently the re-emerging topic of “Schiphol at Sea” has been actively discussed. At the event, “Fly Seaport”, a group of professionals from different disciplines will gather and share their knowledge on issues relating to building the airport expansion at sea. At the session “From initiative to building an island in the sea” starting at 13:30 p.m., Jan will present the concept of floating Schiphol at sea, where a comparison between land reclamation and floating development will be drawn and explained.

Interested in participating in the event? For registration and information about the programme, please visit the website (in Dutch): https://www.managementproducties.com/nl/mobility-infra-building/fly-seaport

Image source: Fly Seaport from ManagementProducties