Our new toolkit for maritime engineering of floating urban projects

HydroMEC+, our new toolkit for maritime engineering of floating urban projects


We are proud to announce HydroMEC+, our in-house maritime engineering and 3D simulation toolkit for floating urban projects.

The tool was developed when our co-founder and principal architect Bart Roeffen, started to exchange computer modelling ideas with Rui Gomes, one of our maritime engineers.

Bart and Rui found that although very different 3D models were used in architecture and maritime engineering, there should be a way to integrate them. Moreover, they noticed that there have been increasing needs for our team to help clients find quick answers to some basic questions for their floating projects, which required very complex ‘background’ calculations. This was the start of an innovation project within Blue21. After months of hard work this has led to HydroMEC+, the world’s first design and simulation toolkit for floating urban development in maritime conditions.

Using inputs such as environmental conditions, functional requirements and any 3D architectural model, HydroMEC+ helps Blue21 provide our clients with key insights regarding stability, safety and comfort of their floating projects. The toolkit gives detailed understanding of stresses, forces and bending moments in floating structures in a shorter time without having to do wave basin tests, leading to cost savings while optimizing structural performance. It further strengthens Blue21’s design and engineering services to our clients and provides guidance needed for your floating project at the desired location.

More details can be found in the flyer here.