Peter Mooij presents ‘The Survival of the Fattest’

Peter Mooij member of our expert network presents ‘The Survival of the Fattest’


Peter Mooij defended his doctoral thesis today ‘On the use of selective environments in microalgae cultivation’ in the Aula Magna of the TU Delft. He’s also a member of our expert network.

Microalgae are a promising source for biodiesel. Algae species that are ‘fat’ – and therefore more optimal for biofuel production – are likely to survive.

Peter used a smart way to grow microalgae, which is interesting for large scale algae production: creating a selective environment for organisms that display the desired functionality. He also stressed the importance of marine algae for sustainable biofuel production.

We congratulate Peter for the excellent results achieved! If you want to know more about his work watch his TEDx talk ‘The survival of the fattest’.