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Location Scan

Do you have a location in mind, and do you want to know if this location is suitable for your floating development? Or do you want to know the most suitable location for your floating development, in a specific area? Either question will be answered by our team during a Location Scan. 

Knowing your location(s) helps you make informed decisions to achieve your desired project goals. We identify the boundary conditions of your project location and investigate the environmental characteristics and marine environment, e.g. bathymetry, wave conditions, wind velocities, accessibility, natural hazards and ecological considerations. We also collect data on the governance framework, including ownership and regulatory topics. As part of the results you will get the local real estate data summarised, giving a benchmark of values for your project. If the required data for this study cannot be found in publicly accessible sources, you are expected to assist in providing the required data for the study.

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What will you get

A full (PDF) report written in English that summarizes environmental boundary conditions for your proposed project. Deliverable is go/no-go advice, or top 2-3 range of suitable locations.

The outcome of the location scan will be a report summarising critical information needed for later steps such as the feasibility study and design of your floating project.
The location scan comes after the vision definition, but before design and engineering. A clear idea on what is possible on your chosen location helps funnel all decisions into achievable territory.

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Blue21's Location Scan


€ 7,495

Investments of a Location Scan are starting from €7,495. Based on the complexity of your project the price may increase.

Our Expert Team

The Blue21 team is a globally leading engineering firm with unique know-how in floating infrastructure, marine engineering, sustainability, and related fields of expertise. Our knowledge includes aspects such as: wave loads, structural dynamics and stability, mooring systems, platform connections, environmental impact, floating platform technology, platform manufacturing, design optimization and building logistics.

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