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With our extensive experience and expert network of partners, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire development process of your floating project. For each step we combine our in-house expertise and work with reliable partners. Have a look at the comprehensive overview of our services throughout the entire floating project development value chain. Get my dream realized >


Hear what our clients think about us and why they want to work with us.

“We chose Blue21 because of their design approach to floating projects.”

“We chose Blue21 as a partner for Innozowa because of their vision, imagination, structured and integrated design approach to floating projects. We are builders!

Johan Bakker

Former Innovation Director - Waterschap Rivierland

“Blue21’s engineering knowledge has increased our confidence.”

Blue21’s engineering knowledge has increased our confidence to tackle the unknows when dealing with floating structures.

Jaap Peters

Project Manager - Engineering Office City of Rotterdam

Create a better planet

By building your project on water you contribute directly to making the planet a better place. Floating architecture reduces the need for land-based development, minimizes the impact on ecosystems, and reduces the carbon footprint of the project. Support this >