Private: New floating projects in Europe

New floating projects in Europe

Recently two exciting floating projects have kicked off in Europe. Some of which you might have already heard of. They are “Schoonschip” from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and “Urban Rigger” currently being built in both Copenhagen and Gothenburg. The sustainability practices and design concepts of these two projects are so brilliant and inspiring, and thus we would like to invite you to learn more about them.

Schoonschip: sustainable floating community

Schoonschip (meaning “clean ship” in Dutch) is a sustainable neighbourhood that is being developed in Buiksloterham, an old industrial area in Amsterdam-North. 46 households and a community centre on 30 floating houses will be introduced in Schoonschip, which will accommodate 105 inhabitants. These future inhabitants have been actively involved in the development of the project since 2009 and are very enthusiastic to have their self-sufficient life on water.

These homes will become 100% energy self-sufficient with fully renewable energy supply from 500 solar panels and 30 warm water pumps. There will be no use of gas, and the houses will be 70% water self-sufficient (for non-drinkable water purposes).

The first of the water homes will be realized in 2018 and by 2020, the neighbourhood will become the most sustainable floating neighbourhood in Europe.


(photo credit: http://schoonschipamsterdam.org/en/)

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Urban Rigger: carbon-neutral student housing in Denmark and Sweden

Governments across Europe have been shouting for a solution to deal with student housing problems. It is projected that there will be a shortage of more than 4 million student beds in Europe by 2025. To tackle this problem, the Denmark-based company have a brilliant idea: creating a floating community for students, Urban Rigger.


“Urban Rigger” consists of floating, carbon neutral student houses made from reused shipping

containers. Each rigger has 9 container units that are stacked in a circle, creating 12 studio apartments, a barbeque area, a shared roof garden and bathing platform. The riggers will be located in the city centre and feature a village-type of community at a relatively low cost. The apartments are designed to be heated by solar power and cooled using sea water (with low energy pumps).


Recently, the project has been given permission by the city of Copenhagen to build six of these “riggers”, with 72 apartments. Moreover, together with the Danish architectural firm, BIG, Urban Rigger have won a big project in Gothenburg, Sweden, where 24 of these “riggers” will be built in the future to form a student village.

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