A new generation of floating innovators completed their thesis

A Floating innovators completed their thesis


Recently two students from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have completed their thesis in collaboration with Blue21.

Jeroen van Dijk finished his thesis in Watermanagement: ‘Success and failure factors of large-scale floating development”. Jeroen partly based his results on the 2nd World Conference on Floating Solutions 2020 which he helped to organize. Jeroen’s work, which he also presented to the Thinktank Governance of Floating Cities, can help us to quickly assess if the required success factors for floating projects are present or if they need to be organized.

Jaco Buijnink completed his studies in Civil Engineering on “A floating connection between the mainland and a floating harbor during extreme tidal differences.” Jaco’s very innovative results enable us to make the next technical steps in connecting our floating projects to the shore. Jaco will join Blue21 on 1 September this year to further work on this topic as engineer in our team.


Photo: Jeroen (left), Jaco (right)