Blue21 Co-organizes Paving the Waves Conference

Blue21 Co-organizes Paving the Waves Conference PTW-WCFS2020 


Paving the Waves: The 2nd World Conference on Floating Solutions has been an enormous success.

PTW-WCFS2020 attracted over 70 presenters from around the world, showcasing the most state-of-the-art innovations on water.

This conference has been of enormous significance being the first of its kind in combining the topics of; architecture, urban design, climate adaption, economic development, hydrodynamics, engineering, ecological impact, social impact, governance, legal aspects, energy production and food production.

Paving the Waves has marked the beginning of a new era for floating development; through continued multidisciplinary collaboration we can improve our collective understanding of floating solutions and take the next steps towards achieving a sustainable future on water.