Blue21 cofounder interviewed by EenVandaag & NPO

Blue21 cofounder interviewed by EenVandaag and NPO

Floating house Blue21

This week, Blue21 cofounder Rutger de Graaf met with Dutch national television series, EenVandaag and NPO radio to discuss living on water as the solution to the climate problem and housing market.

As co-founder of Blue21, Rutger has over 14 years of expertise in water innovation and believes that floating homes can offer solutions to rising populations, the associated impacts of climate change, as well as providing means of water storage against both drought and flooding. As stated by Rutger

“If you look at 2100, the cities worldwide will more than double in size. If you look at where those big cities are now, it is mainly along the coast or along rivers. Those are the places that are threatened by climate change. A climate-proof home can offer a solution for both the housing shortage and climate change.. In the Netherlands, water is very important. The water under the floating house can be used as a water buffer.. I think that at least tens of thousands of homes can be developed in the Netherlands. The technology is certainly there.”

Watch the full EenVandaag interview below, read the EenVandaag article here, or listen to the full NPO interview here.