World Population Day with Blue21's feature video

Blue21 raising awareness on World Population Day with our feature video


Blue21 wishes to raise awareness of the challenges of our generation on World Population Day with our video showcase.

The associated problems of our growing population and climate change are the challenges of our generation. In the last decade, the world population has been increasing annually by approximately 100 million people every 14 months. As the majority of large cities are concentrated around our world’s coastlines and rivers, this poses major challenges as these are the places which are most threatened by the impacts of climate change.

Maritime urban development can help alleviate the pressures of expanding major centres without causing over densification, urban sprawl, the disruption of ecological systems, or the reduction of agricultural and protected areas. Floating is adaptive to rising sea levels and when combined with smart delta planning can offer cities a climate-proof solution to the challenges of our generation. For over 14 years the Blue21 team has been developing the roadmap towards creating climate-proof sustainable cities. The technology is here, the method is ready, the time for action is now.

Watch our video Steden van de toekomst to learn more (subtitles available in English).