Blue21 will feature at this year’s Barranquilla Climathon

Blue21 architect & researcher will feature at this year’s Barranquilla Climathon


Blue21 architect and researcher, Barbara Dal Bo Zanon will be featured at this year’s virtual Barranquilla Climathon.

The event will offer a unique opportunity to learn about the work of Blue21 with a panel session focusing on the topic of generating sustainable floating solutions for the waters of Barranquilla and the Atlantic (river, swamp and sea).

Barbara’s presentation will be presented in Spanish at 15:00 and will focus on the realization of floating projects with a positive impact on the planet. During the conference, there will also be unique networking opportunities to talk directly and learn more about Blue21 in the digital expo booth.

Please see the conference flyer or register for the event by visiting: Barranquilla Climathon