Bluelands: Pioneering a Sustainable Future on Water!

 Our Prototype is Already a Meeting Point

Bluelands: Pioneering a Sustainable Future on Water! Our Prototype is Already a Meeting Point


🏗 We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our prototype’s construction!

Blue21 team, with over 16 years of expertise in realizing floating projects, has developed Bluelands – a solution designed for mass-producing floating platforms that provide safe, sustainable spaces on water for housing, energy production, and food cultivation. Our lightweighted platform is a game-changer, enabling scalable and modular construction on water, from individual homes to entire floating neighborhoods.

🚀 The recent construction of our prototype, at The Green Village, marked a major milestone in our journey. It demonstrates the platforms’ feasibility and adaptability to its environment. The construction phase was completed by GKB Groep at an impressive speed, within just 5 days, a testament to the easy assembly of our design.

🎉 Yesterday, Anna Louka, the project leader of Bluelands, presented the final result of our floating platform to the Hoogheemraadschap van DelflandThe Green Village, and Jelle Vedder, our valued supporters and partners in this endeavor.

📽 The video footage reveals the platform’s stability in real-world conditions, with people standing atop it, experiencing the unique sensation of living on water. Simultaneously, Rui Pedroso de Lima from INDYMO utilizing their underwater drone, monitors water quality to ensure that our system is sustainable and harmoniously coexisting with its natural environment.

🏡 Now, we eagerly anticipate the second construction phase, where a lightweight building will be placed atop the platform, adding new functions for people and students to use.

Stay tuned for the final result and witness how we help shaping a flood-proof and resilient living environment! 🌊 🏙 🌟

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