Conceptualization and Design Exploration of Living@Sea Report

Conceptualization & Design Exploration of Living at Sea Report


The report “Conceptualization and Design Exploration of Living@Sea” is now available!

Within the 3-year (2017-2020) EU Horizon2020-funded research project, Space@Sea, Work Package 7 Living@Sea, explores how living space at sea can be accommodated on modular floating platforms for multiple functions (working, recreation, etc.). The Work Package was led by DeltaSync and Blue21, who was also the leading author in this research in collaboration with Waterstudio and ICE Marine Design.

Concept designs for both the 45×45 meter (for 2,000 inhabitants) and 90×90 meter (for 50,000 inhabitants) floating platforms are presented in the report. ICE estimated that a platform height of 10-11 m would be required in the current design in order to ensure the intact and damage stability requirements during transit. You can view the report here.

Or learn more about Space@Sea by visiting the official space@sea website.