Environmental Day 2023

Floating Solutions: Environmental Day 2023


Time to reflect on our actions for protecting the environment. We do this by implementing floating solutions

Worldwide cities and ports need to grow and new space needs to be created. This is done through land reclamation, which requires a lot of sand extraction.

Sand extraction has reached alarming levels, surpassing 50 billion tones annually. The exponential growth in sand mining has put immense pressure on our water ecosystems, threatening their delicate balance. Check out the innovative research led by Dr. Christopher Hackney, shedding light on these environmental impacts:

One potential and intriguing solution to mitigate the concerning impacts of sand mining lies in floating development. By utilizing innovative floating technologies, such as floating buildings, platforms, and cities, we can reduce reliance on sand for land reclamation. Floating development presents a viable alternative that minimizes the ecological damage caused by sand extraction from water bodies. It opens new possibilities for responsible resource utilization, preserving biodiversity and integrity in our water systems.

Let’s join the movement toward a future where responsible sand extraction and floating development harmoniously coexist, ensuring a sustainable balance between development and environmental preservation.