Floating island planned in the Baltic Sea region

Blue21: Floating island planned in the Baltic Sea region

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Blue21 is thrilled to be involved in the unique tunnel initiative with the Finnish FinEstBay Area Development and Japanese large contracting firm, Shimizu Corporation.

In the article published by THE TIMES, an elaborate overview about the tunnel project is given. The director of Blue21, Karina Czapiewska, was also interviewed about the company’s involvement in the project.

“Also planned is a floating island — or archipelago — about six miles off Estonia, which will be smaller and greener and used mainly for leisure. It will be several hundred yards wide and probably made of concrete — a larger version of the floating homes and office blocks that have sprung up in recent years close to the coast of Holland.

Karina Czapiewska, director of Blue21, a Dutch consultancy involved in the project, said that the floating island could become a showcase for similar projects elsewhere. The decision not to build it up from the ocean floor was dictated by the nature of the seabed, which on the southern side of the gulf is soft clay rather than bedrock.”

Visualization of the floating archipelago is shown below. Full article also available for download here.