Prof. Xiao Lin Zhao from

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visiting Blue21

Prof. Xiao Lin Zhao from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visiting Blue21


We are very happy to receive Prof. Xiao Lin Zhao, Chair Professor of Civil Infrastructure at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in our office at Buccaneer Delft. What a wonderful and productive afternoon!

🔍 It was great to explore further the potential research collaboration opportunities on floating development in the context of the Netherlands, Hong Kong and beyond.

🌊 We had the chance to show Prof. Zhao some of our realized projects, including floating houses in Harnaschpolder (Delft), #Bluelands floating platform prototype at The Green Village (TU Delft), and even the official opening of the floating pavilion at its new home at RDM Campus (Rotterdam).

💡 In Hong Kong, there is a growing interest in utilizing Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) as a more sustainable alternative solution to create resilient and future-proof “new land”, tackling pressing challenges such as land shortage, lack of affordable housing and climate change impact.

📰 Blue21 supported the establishment of Research Institute for Land and Space (RILS) of Hong Kong PolyU, and has had the honour to be involved in various research proposals, helping to put floating development on the research agenda. Prof. Zhao and his team research novel high-performance sustainable materials in civil engineering applications, steel-concrete-FRP hybrid construction and floating structure technology. These are all highly relevant topics for creating a #sustainable #floating #future.

💫 During the World Conference on Floating Solutions (WCFS) 2023 in Tokyo last August, it was announced by Soon Heng Lim, the founding president of Society of Floating Solutions (Singapore), that the next WCFS will be organized in December 2024 by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

🚀 Blue21 is glad to see Prof. Zhao and his team demonstrating leadership and is committed to bringing the global floating community together. As the co-organizer of World Conference on Floating Solutions 2020 – PAVING THE WAVES , Blue21 looks forward to sharing past experiences and contributing to making WCFS2024 a successful event! Stay tuned.

Xiaoli Ding Jian-Guo Dai Arjen van den Berg @Netherlands consulate-general in Hong Kong

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