How deep is the first home of Bluelands?

 Let’s find out

How deep is the first home of Bluelands? Let’s find out


Last Friday our colleagues, Anna Louka and Nuno Holt, visited the location where our prototype floating project, Bluelands, will soon find its home. Anna and Nuno measured the water depth, ensuring that the bathymetry is still up to date prior to the installation of the project. One step further for #Bluelands! 🌊

🌱 The testing ground for our prototype is at The Green Village, where Bluelands will undergo a series of tests and provides visitors with a chance to experience a floating structure.

🌍 #Bluelands is on a mission to tackle the housing shortage and climate challenges with our innovative and sustainable solution – a modular and scalable floating platform, designed for climate-proof, adaptable, and resilient living on water.

Stay tuned as we progress with the construction and testing of our prototype! 🚀

Prototype supported by The Green Village VPdelta+ and Het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO) van de Kansen voor West