Hydraulic Symposium 2023

Future in Hydraulic Engineering: Hydraulic Symposium 2023


We are excited to be part of the annual Hydraulic Symposium of Het Waterbouwdispuut this Friday! Join us for a day of inspiration, where you can explore the latest developments in hydraulic engineering and connect with industry-leading companies like ours. The symposium’s theme, ‘Flowing Forward: Innovating for a Sustainable Future in Hydraulic Engineering,’ aligns perfectly with our mission to tackle the climate crisis head-on.

Our colleague, Anna Louka, will be sharing invaluable insights, experiences, and the innovative floating solutions Blue21 has developed to combat the challenges posed by climate change. We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and we are committed to creating a sustainable and resilient future on the water by embracing the possibilities that lie before us.

The symposium offers a great opportunity for aspiring minds to foster connections, and ignite future possibilities. Join us to expand your knowledge, network with industry professionals, and actively contribute to a greener, more resilient world. Together, let’s make a difference and pave the way for a brighter future in hydraulic engineering.
See you there!

📍 Location: Zocherweg 9, Delft
⏰ Date: 02/06/2023