INNOZOWA video feature

Blue21: INNOZOWA video feature


Our partner, Waterschap Rivierenland have created a video to showcase our floating solar project, INNOZOWA.

After two years of hard work, the pilot installation INNOZOWA has been delivered in Weurt (Nijmegen region). The purpose of the project is to connect energy transition and water management goals. Solar energy is an important sustainable energy source that can replace fossil fuels. The demand for solar panels is growing steadily, yet in the spatial demands of solar on land is approaching its limit in the Netherlands. Therefore INNOZOWA has created a system that uses the surface water as a means of installation for solar panels. With the results of this pilot, INNOZOWA expects to have enough data and experience to further scale up the project.

INNOZOWA is a project supported by the Renewable Energy subsidy by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).