Leading a Sustainable and Thriving Floating Future:

Blue21 looking back and moving forward

🌊Leading a Sustainable and Thriving Floating Future: Blue21 looking back and moving forward🌍


Our highly motivated team spent 2 days strategizing in the beautiful countryside of Doetinchem last week. We reflected on our approaches and strategies to create a more resilient future on the water, where sustainability is embedded and a culture of collaboration is cultivated 🚀

During our time together, we had the opportunity to study other successful businesses that are leading a greener future for the whole humanity. All colleagues (cofounders & employees) openly discussed with each other and identified the critical elements that should also be emphasized on the Blue21’s roadmap to creating sustainable floating cities. This way we can be sure to solve pressing climate challenges while creating long-term values and helping nature to thrive 🌿

One of the most inspiring aspects of our discussion was witnessing the diverse perspectives brought forth by colleagues from various disciplines. By working collaboratively and merging our ideas, we discovered that the main ingredient for success lies in our shared goal: making a floating future a reality. In the coming year, each of us will focus on specific building blocks for shaping the roadmap, leading to realizing a vision that benefits the whole planet 💡

At Blue21, we believe that the future lies on water—where boundaries are limitless, and possibilities are boundless. Our team is more committed than ever to integrating innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a deep-rooted passion for environmental protection. Together, we aim to redefine the way we interact with water and create resilient and robust floating communities.

Interested in knowing what our roadmap to creating a blue and green future on water looks like? Stay tuned and let’s harness the power of floating solutions together 🌊💙