Citizens play a crucial role in the water-resistant city

Article featured in stadszaken proposes floating construction and citizen involvement as the path to creating a water-resistant city. Rutger de Graaf and Roland Goetgeluk, members of the Thinking Tank Floating (Re) building believe that a shift in thinking is the basis for innovative water solutions for the water-resistant city. It’s about resilience, circularity and moving with it. This requires governance strategies with the citizen at the center.

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Opportunities for coastal cities

Blue21 architect, Barbara Dal Bo Zanon, and co-founder, Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther, gave a presentation at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) on the topic of floating production of energy and food as an opportunity for coastal circular cities.

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Blue21 hosts workshop at Symposium “Which Future?! Rethinking State” in Berlin

Sunday 22 April Blue21 will host a workshop on floating cities as part of the Two Day Symposium “Which Future?! Rethinking State” organized by the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. During the symposium questions will be explored such as: Do we want full employment or full automation? Do we need an unconditional basic income? Do we want the state to be more or less involved in our lives?

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The Floating Island Project: Building Beyond Sustainability

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia from Blue Frontiers has joined our team during two and a half weeks and wrote an amazing article about her experiences!

Moreover, she perfectly addresses how we, at Blue21, are developing a design strategy for seasteads to help restore the marine environment underneath the platforms, going beyond sustainability. Or as our Bart Roeffen (lead architect of the Floating Island Project) states:

“We need to go from sustainability to restoration because sustainability is not sustainable.”

Please read Nathalie’s full article here!

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