Rui Gomes giving a guest lecture on floating at TU Delft

on floating at TU Delft

Rui Gomes giving a guest lecture on floating at TU Delft


The Head of Blue21 Maritime Engineering, Dr. Rui Gomes, gave a guest lecture on floating structures to MSc students from Delft University of Technology last Friday (16 June), inspiring and mobilising the next generation towards creating a Blue and Green Future on the water.

Our colleague, Dr. Rui Gomes, was invited to give a guest lecture to students from the new MSc course on floating and submerged structures, at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology. This groundbreaking new course was initiated and developed by Dr. Oriol ColomésFrank Lange and Shagun Agarwal, visionary researchers who help bring insights from the industry in a growing new market to the academia.

Students following the course have the chance to learn about how to analyze and design future-proof structures such as floating submerged tunnels, floating islands or floating offshore structures. As a global leading company specialising in floating urban and maritime development, we are very pleased to have the chance to inspire the next generation. Rui introduced Blue21’s vision and several exciting floating projects. Students were enthusiastic and showed much interests in floating city development. Technical challenges and opportunities to further investigate were also introduced, so that students could know better on how their expertise and knowledge can contribute to creating a sustainable floating future for humanity in the 21st century.