Completion of Space@Sea Demonstrator

Blue21: Completion of Space@Sea Demonstrator


After 3 years of research, the EU Horizon 2020 project Space@Sea demonstrator has been completed.

This research project combined the talents of 17 European partners with the aim of providing sustainable and affordable workspace at sea by developing a standardised and cost-efficient modular island with low ecological impact.

The final demonstrator model showcases all elements of the study which included, living, working, food and energy production, as well as transport and logistics.

With Blue21 as work package leader of the living@sea portion of the study, we explored the design, technical, comfort and safety requirements of an offshore settlement from both the maritime and urban perspective.

A key highlight from our conclusion is the necessity for a technical regulatory framework and safety management system for marine floating islands. Additionally, our results have shown that floating is financially more attractive than land reclamation in waters with a higher depth of 12 meters.

Movie credit: MARIN