Technical, comfort and safety requirements of Living@Sea

Space@Sea report: Technical, comfort & safety requirements of Living@Sea


The Space@Sea report on “Technical, comfort and safety requirements of Living@Sea” is now also available!

Living@Sea aims to address the conceptualization of marine floating islands that are intended for human habitation (i.e., living, working, recreation). Regulatory frameworks for Living@Sea were explored for the first time ever, identifying knowledge gaps that still need to be filled. An inventory of standards, rules and regulations regarding technical aspects, safety and comfort for floating cities from both offshore and urban perspectives have been collected. This research was conducted in collaboration with MARIN and ICE Marine Design. An overview, and regulatory challenges as well as recommendations are all included in the report that is available here: https://www.blue21.nl/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/d7.2.pdf

More public deliverables from other work packages of Space@Sea are available at: https://spaceatsea-project.eu/public-information/public-deliverables