The Grand Reopening of

The Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam

The Grand Reopening of the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam


We are thrilled to share a memorable moment with you – The Grand Reopening of the Floating Pavilion! Our iconic structure, brought to life by DeltaSync (Blue21) in partnership with the Municipality of Rotterdam back in 2010, has found its way back home to RDM Rotterdam, at which it was originally built. The move showcases the potential of adaptive floating urban development and sustainability.

The official reopening ceremony, led by esteemed guests Wijnand Van Den BrinkEgbert van der Wal and Robert Simons, was a moment of pride and inspiration for us all. Our co-founder, Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther, also gave an inspiring presentation, sharing the history of the pavilion and valuable insights into our vision for the future.

For 13 years, the Floating Pavilion has been an enduring symbol of climate resilience and innovation, gaining global recognition. In 2022, the IPCC report acknowledged it as an example of climate adaptation project.

Originally intended as a temporary structure, its success kept it at Rijnhaven location until 2022. Now it has been transferred to its new home, the Dokhaven at RDM Campus, changing its purpose and its functionality. Today, it thrives as a hub for large-scale educational activities and events, demonstrating the adaptability of a floating urban future.

Thanks to the leadership of Gemeente Rotterdam – Stadsontwikkeling, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam and Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V., the Pavilion will be given a new purpose and will inspire a new generation of sustainable innovators for a sustainable floating future.

Let’s embrace this moment and look forward to a future where our buildings are not demolished but relocated, and climate resilience becomes the norm. 🌏💙

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