VRTMax episode

"A City on Water"

VRTMax episode “A City on Water”


Thrilled to share a glimpse into the episode on VRT MAX (in Dutch), where our colleague Lindert van Tongeren takes us on a fascinating exploration of the possibilities and advantages of living on the water.

As the storyline unfolds, Gloria and the children dive into the concept of a floating city, guided by Lindert’s expertise. The enthusiasm and creativity of the children shine as they bring to life a real “Imagine City.” Can it really float? Spoiler alert: Yes, it can!

Witnessing how kids grasp and embrace the innovative idea of living on water is a testament to the power of education as the gateway to the future. Lindert’s dedication to inspiring young minds reflects our commitment to shaping a world where creativity and knowledge converge.

Let’s continue fostering a curiosity-driven approach to education and building a future where our imagination knows no bounds!