World Cities Day

Celebrate World Cities Day


Today, as we celebrate World Cities Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to share our visionary plan for a more sustainable and inclusive urban future – one that literally floats above the challenges of our changing world.

Our goal is to take urban adaptation to the next level by embracing the dynamic world of floating cities. In the face of global climate challenges, we aim to create urban areas that are not only sustainable but also resilient, reshaping the very essence of urban development.

We are actively working on the concept of floating urban development, particularly near our coastlines. These floating extensions will coexist and collaborate seamlessly with our existing land-based cities. 

Fast forward to 2040 and beyond, our mission extends into maritime areas, featuring innovative solutions like floating breakwaters and carbon-capturing algae systems. These innovations don’t just adapt to climate change – they actively combat it, helping to reduce CO2 emissions from our atmosphere.

By reimagining the traditional boundaries of urban expansion, floating urbanization offers a compelling alternative to current practices. We’re championing small-scale floating projects built on sustainable design principles and resilient, adaptive solutions. Scaling up these initiatives, we’re poised to revolutionize the urban landscape while respecting our fragile ecosystem and enhancing the quality of life for all.

If you are as excited about this transformative future for our cities as we are, then connect with Roeland de Bruijn to explore opportunities for collaboration.