World Ocean Day

Celebrate World Ocean Day


Today, let’s celebrate the immense beauty and tranquility that our oceans provide, while also acknowledging their critical role in sustaining our planet. Beyond their allure, oceans are a vital part of our ecosystem, supplying oxygen, regulating climate, and supporting a diverse range of species.

At Blue21, our mission is to create living and working space on the water while prioritizing positive ecological impact. We believe in implementing floating development in a way that preserves robust ecosystems rather than continuing urbanization that encroaches upon them.
It is our responsibility to learn from the past and avoid repeating the mistakes we made on land. By embracing innovation, we can create a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable blue planet.

It is time to act and safeguard underwater biodiversity, ensuring the vitality of our oceans and societies. Let’s leave a lasting positive impact on our planet towards responsible development and inspire others to do the same.

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