World Population Day

🌎World Population Day🌎


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the global challenges our planet faces due to overpopulation and embrace a forward-thinking mindset. Last November the global population reached 8 billion. We are on the path to reaching the projected 9.8 billion in 2050. As we look towards 2050, we see clear issues which need to be addressed:

🏙 #UrbanChallenges: Our cities currently occupy only 40% of the space required to accommodate the growing population by 2050. This calls for innovative solutions to ensure new and sustainable urban development for future generations.
🌊 #ClimateChallenges: With half of the world’s population living in coastal zones, we must adapt to rising sea levels and extreme weather events that pose increasing threats. It is crucial to develop our cities in a way that prioritizes safety and resilience in the face of the climate crisis.
🌱 #LandShortage: The need for living space is not the only concern. We also require land for food and energy production. To feed the projected population in 2050, an area the size of North America will be necessary.

How can we find the space to meet these demands while also addressing the pressing climate crisis?

🎯 At Blue21, we are dedicated to create living and working space on the water, recognizing the connection between floating development and ecological systems. Through our regenerative approach to urbanization, we aim to improve living standards and at the same time strengthen ecosystems surrounding the floating platforms. This balanced development approach ensures a sustainable and safe future for generations to come.