Blue + Green Stream


With the expansion of cities, we are seeing an ever-increasing gap in the balance between nature and the urban environment.

Land reclamation offers a solution to this however, it can be a prolonged process that can cause substantial disruption and adverse effects on marine life and the surrounding ecosystem. Shoreline areas are rich with life as they provide habitat for fish and wildlife. The Viinikanlahti Lakeshore vegetation provides habitat for many wildlife species. Waterfowl nests in shoreline grasses while songbirds build their nests in the shrubs and trees, some of which are aged over forty years.

Created in collaboration with Waterstudio, the concept of this design is to keep this natural balance intact by maintaining the existing shorelines, protecting the trees and celebrating the boundary where water meets land. This is achieved by integrating a series of floating blocks that mimic the natural boundary to create the Blue + Green stream which buffers the built environment from the natural landscape.

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David Kirkwood

David Kirkwood

Architect PII RIBA/ARB

With rising population and scarcity of affordable housing in the city of Tampere, Finland, the Blue+Green Stream offers new space over lake Viinikanlahti; Maintaining the existing shoreline and natural balance of the site.