BlueRevolution Implementation

Research & Development

As the BlueRevolution concept proves to be able to have a positive effect on its environment it is important that the “feasibility” of this concept is demonstrated through pilot projects.

Testing and demonstrating concepts which until now have not yet been applied in practice, integrating systems and technologies that have developed separately, and using innovative monitoring techniques will greatly encourage future floating projects based on demonstrated results. The Dutch Markermeer, one of the largest freshwater lakes of Western Europe, was chosen as a case study to implement and test the BlueRevolution principles. In the last decades the lake has experienced a decline in its ecological value, mainly because of high turbidity and low productivity. Here, floating homes will provide the opportunity to create new habitats that offer benefits both for society and ecology. The project will use local materials to blend in, design shelter for wildlife, recycle waste and include smart-systems, which will monitor and regulate daily-life processes to improve efficiency and prevent any kind of pollution.