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Blue21’s objective is to promote floating cities as a viable solution to 21st-century challenges such as urbanization, rising housing demand and climate change. We want to improve people’s living conditions and wellbeing, create spaces which are economically viable and have a positive ecological impact- in balance with nature with the end goal of helping to conceive the world´s first floating city.

To achieve this goal requires building global awareness of the opportunities of floating development and multidisciplinary collaboration. We initiated iconic and pioneering floating projects such as the Floating Pavilion Rotterdam, Floating Ecohomes and Innozowa Floating Solar. Another core activity of our company is the dissemination of opensource knowledge and cooperation between stakeholders from a multitude of disciplines; to improve our collective understanding of floating solutions and help address the socio-economic and environmental challenges of our future. In 2013, our founders also created the Blue Revolution Foundation to create global awareness and facilitate an interdisciplinary research agenda on floating cities. To learn, visit our open-source knowledge base or visit our vision page.

Rutger de Graaf

Rutger de Graaf


Ever since the launch of Blue21, we have been focused on the opportunities that the water provides to solve the most urgent global problems. These include fundamental challenges such as climate change, urbanization, population growth and land scarcity. We call this shift of humanity to the oceans ‘the Blue Revolution’.


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