Delta Floating Airport


The battle of Holland against the sea is evolving into a new phase – floating airports. Together with DFA (Delta Floating Airport), we believe it is possible to realise a floating airport in the North Sea using proven technology. 

Schiphol Airport is currently the largest airport in Europe and it is approaching its limits of capacity. The minister recently announced that he wants to allow a moderate increase in the number of flight movements to 540,000, provided that cleaner and quieter aircraft are flown but achieving this on land poses many challenges as noise nuisance and air pollution hinder ever larger groups of local residents and make further growth of the existing airport impossible.

By relocating on the water, not only can noise and air pollution be significantly reduced, but a huge area will become available for redevelopment in a desirable location. The goal of DFA is a carbon-neutral floating airport that produces synthetic kerosene from green hydrogen and CO2.

Rutger de Graaf

Rutger de Graaf


DFA Airport aims to make The Netherlands healthier and maintain excellent economic perspectives. Not just for our country, but for cities & airports worldwide.


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